Tuesday 9 September 2008

Eden Project

As part of the uni project I've been set, I was tasked with having a butchers at different events and exhibitions going on all over the place. One of the places the brief suggested was the Eden Project, in Cornwall. My work and final pieces are to be based upon these visits and my own personal reaction to them. Well...Eden Project in itself is pretty much a bunch of plants and flowers in a few massive bubbles, but I'm going to focus on the thinking behind the work at Eden, and the way in which they are helping to reduce the impact they cause on the environment through pretty ingenious engineering and ideas. To be honest, I wasn't overly impressed by the biomes and their contents, yeah it's cool but not very inspiring. Although I did find quite a wicked VW camper sitting in the mediterranean biome which I thought was pretty tasty to use as a source for some Photoshop experimentation, complete with knackered rusted metal and dodgy paintwork. 

I'm sure I can conjure something interesting up from these pics, I love the iconic look of the old VW, who can resist it! Perhaps I can use it to represent the old traditional unsympathetic views on the environment, erroding away...juxtaposed against the natural environment enveloping it on all sides...We'll see! 

Other than that I think I'll focus on the recycling going on at Eden, pencil cases made of old tyres, clipboards made from circuitboards and old squashed down juice boxes. All quite nices ideas of trying to re-use some of the junk we would normally shove in a landfill. The big skeleton-like scuplture monstrosity erected outside the biomes encapsulates these ideas, being made from old washing machines, monitors, vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers which I thought was pretty cool. A lot of ideas going on in Eden which really should be filtering through onto every high street, quite easy to recycle stuff and still end up with something that looks quite funky. meh! 

Anyhow, I'll have a good think about arty ideas that can come out of this, do some work in Illustrator, Photoshop, the old sketchbook and update my website and blog as things develop!

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Anonymous said...

You need me as a proof reader! Eden project... what a legendary place.. (it's debatable). Cakey x