Monday 16 February 2009

Self Portraiture

I was pretty starving when I got back to halls from uni today, so I stuck my head in the cupboard. My hot cross buns were warm! Like body temperature warm! Scary stuff. Besides that, I have been bringing my self portrait project to a close today, pretty much have all my final pieces sorted now, ready for the crit tomorrow. I tried to go a bit 'jasper goodall', didn't really like the simplistic style I had started with - needed to jazz it up. I took some of my straightforward vector portraits and added some background crazyness. We were limited to black and one other colour, so for each individual piece I chose a different colour to add a bit of variation. Meh! I think it turned out alright in the end, after a lot of faffing around in the early stages trying to work out what I was going to portray.

1 comment:

Caitlyn said...

uh oh, warm hot cross buns... ha! You are a nutter.
(I have no life).