Wednesday 2 December 2009

I'm going slightly mental.

Here is my latest poster design for the D&AD brief, it's a bit crazy. I got tired of trying to make something with a solid meaning and instead decided to throw together something that I actually liked and enjoyed making. It includes a slight wobbly reference to Back to the Future, I was thinking of time travel and how I could incorporate this into the poster. I'm also thinking of life and death, and ways in which you could avoid it - time travel? Meh, who knows. There is still a huge amount of room for improvement and I intend to develop this a hell of a lot more in the next few weeks.

Most of my ideas for this project involved the use of coloured acetates laid over the image, or in the form of 3d goggles, to reveal hidden messages in the image. Even though this was considered 'gimmicky' it's still something I want to persue. I think it gives more interaction between the viewer and the image. So for best results in future, get out your old 3d goggles/red and blue acetate! More images to come soon...

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