Wednesday 19 January 2011

Cardboard Objects

Over the last few days I have been working to finish all my projects, and now I have just completed the 21 sided dice I wanted to make for the manifesto project. 

The die, before cutting it out:

Here it is finished, but I still want to add a layer of varnish or something to protect it a bit before it gets rolled around. I'm quite eager to give it a go! 

The depth of field here is a tad ridiculous but they were really quick snaps, just wanted something to shove on the old blog. Will hopefully photograph them tomorrow using the copy stand...


Unknown said...

Did you laser cut the dice? When did you do that? Ya bastard!

Love the Black Holes and Revelations type thing.

chlorine said...

I did it today, kinda last minute. I was going to hand cut it, but then thought I'd ask Celeste for a favour! Was Waaaaaay less work.

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