Sunday 1 May 2011

Microscopic Illustration

I wanted to photograph some of the stuff I was looking at through the microscope (the supplied USB ocular has a pretty low resolution), so I fashioned a makeshift adaptor tube for my DSLR out of a toilet roll tube, a pringles lid and some electrical tape! Here are some of the tiny illustrations:

I want to make some microscopic illustrations, so I am testing some ideas, images and text. I printed everything as small as I could on the inkjet printer - the images are no more than 3-4mm across. I want to try printing on the laser printer to see how that compares.

These images are of blood cells and a cross section of a plant stem. I quite like the whacky radials I'm getting from the bogroll tube here! Looks like the intro to a Bond film.

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Unknown said...

It's a thumbs up from me. So good it's worth another 5 seconds in the crystal dome. Get in.