Tuesday 10 January 2012

2000 BC - stonehenge

I am planning a project looking at the main events from the past 4000 years - key points in history and generally interesting things. Ideally I am looking to produce an illustration for every single year, although this would be a monumental undertaking! As well as that it's actually quite hard finding solid dates and events for each year (a lot of stuff I have found has been quite boring - kings dying or taking the throne and wars pretty much). If anyone knows of any interesting events in mind from 2000 - 1000 BC let me know about it! This is my first attempt at an illo for 2000BC which is the date when Stonehenge was completed (allegedly). It feels a little rough around the edges and not quite on the money, so I may come back to it and develop it a bit more after I tackle a few more events. 

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