Friday 30 September 2022


 Jeez, I need to get better at updating my blog! Seems to be at least a year or two between posts these days, which is sad. Anyway! I recently set up a Teemill page for some motorcycle-inspired shirt designs I've been working on, you can find it here - 

Here are a few of the designs - I've been doodling away at these here and there over the last few years as ideas have come to me, and realised a month or two ago that I probably had enough stuff to put something together.

I've been meaning to do some shirt designs for an age - Teemill makes it super easy to get stuff online and ready for sale. I have ordered some samples with the intention of doing some of my own photo shoots, so with any luck that'll be happening within the next 6 years lol. For now, here's a lil sneaky peek at some of the designs:

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