Monday 5 June 2023

New Website Design! (12 years in the making lol)

Wow, 2011 was 12 years ago...The year I graduated from uni...and the last time I updated my website! This has been a long time coming, but at last I got around to a revamp. If you have a short attention span, go check it out now! If you can be arsed to read on, I am going to waffle a bit. 

I've joked for a long time about time travel (as my twitter blurb will attest) but trawling through all the old work that I've kept on external hard drives was a real time warp. So much stuff that I made (or more accurately, half finished!) that I wanted to retrieve, dust off, and fling onto my website. Looooads of potential upcoming projects - the amount of typefaces I designed, before knowing how to actually create typefaces, is mad! So that's one thing pretty high on my priority list to get sorted. It'd be great to get some of them out there for people to try out! It's amazing the amount of stuff I completely forgot that I made - I can't even remember working on it. 

It's kinda sad to look back on how often I would make posts on this blog as well - and then I go years without anything! No posts at all in 2021?! Only one in 2022! I need to get better at this, ha! I'm hoping with the amount of stuff I've unearthed, I can continue to update my site and blog fairly regularly in what remains of this year - alongside getting more content out on oilandflame and the youtubes...We are already halfway through the year, but at least in publishing this, I am equal with the content that I put on here in 2022 lol.

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