Sunday 30 November 2008

Pin hole Photography

For my latest uni project, we are working with photography based around the phrase 'chain store'. We are restricted in the types of camera we can use, and so I thought it would be interesting to get some pin hole photography on the go. I haven't done it since secondary school, and have wanted to get back into it for a while. This is one of the first exposures I made (this is the 'positive' of the negative I got from the camera, edited in photoshop). I decided not to make a contact print to begin with, as my supply of paper is a bit short at the moment! I'm not looking forward to having to cut 3" squares out of light sensitive paper in the dark!

Friday 14 November 2008

Creative Graphic Designers Tee - front

One of my most recent t-shirt designs, for the Flickr group 'creative graphic designers'. All my uni work has taken up most of my time recently, so I want to try and get back into my vector stuff...

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Summer project - Final Pieces

These are the final pieces for my summer project. Incidentally there is a lot of focus on typography, which wasn't really intended from the outset but I'm pretty happy with the outcome nonetheless. They are quite varied in approach, using photoshop and illustrator separately. I still need to get these printed! Which reminds me I need to check online for a decent A2 print service...In the end it wasn't really necessary for us to do all this work, a lot of people didn't bother and got away with doing nothing. I'm glad I spent a lot of time working on the project, it helped me to get back into the feel of education!

Eden Project - Camper Design

This is one of the first images I considered for a final piece in my summer project. I couldn't resist using the VW camper! I really liked the combination of organic, smooth curves and the old rusting, angular van set alongside each other. I think I could take this idea futher, maybe isolate the van from the background elements of the photograph altogether to give it a more graphic look...We'll see if I find the time to experiment with it further. I'll also post the other designs which I came up with, and settled on as final pieces.