Wednesday 26 December 2012

My first guitar kit build

I was pretty excited this year to get a couple of guitar making kits for crimbo! Been thinking of making a guitar for a while, and one of my favourite styles of all time is the SG. In my mind I imagined a dark brown sunburst finish...

After a couple of coats of stain. The wood strangely didn't take the stain in the beautifully uniform fashion I had hoped it would. Perhaps with a more expensive block it would work better? I couldn't quite build up the layered depth of colour I needed for a sunburst.

Quite nice grain on the headstock - definitely wanted to keep that!

I didn't take any pics whilst figuring out the wiring - and it was all over in a relatively short period of time, much to my surprise. Worked out a lot simpler than I had anticipated.

...what I ended up with was a vague kind of worn sunburst, which I actually quite like, luckily! Took me the better part of two days of sanding, staining, oil coating and waxing to get to this stage. 

I'm intending to potentially swap out a few bits of hardware, cut a custom headstock inlay and do a few other bits and pieces. Will post any further developments!