Sunday 11 November 2012

Avengers Assembled!

Making Iron Man

Been very quiet on the blog front for a while, busy with lots of stuff and didn't want to unveil this one until I knew I'd get it done! Was a real rush in the end and the finish was super shoddy but the overall effect worked alright - although the costume fell apart pretty much constantly throughout the night! Got to say a huge thanks to everyone who kept me in one piece and helped repair with piles of duct tape!

all pieces started as pepakura files nabbed off the rpf forum - printed and hot glued together.

The paper constructions were then covered with resin and strengthened with fibreglass - I didn't take any photos at this stage as I had to work quickly before the resin could gel, and that was annoying enough on it's own!

Ideally, the whole thing would have been covered with auto body filler too, but I barely had time to do this for the helmet alone. Would take forever to make this up to scratch! It's a process of sanding, filling, then sanding again, and filling. Then sanding. And filling.

I made the arc reactor out of pound shop bits and bobs, as well as a few things bought off of ebay and the like.

I soldered on bits of copper wire to make it look a tad more like the movie version. Kind of.


And skip ahead to completion! As I said, shoddy as hell but overall ended up looking alright.