Wednesday 11 February 2015

Tom Delonge Fender Build

Richard got it in his head recently to buy a Tom Delonge signature Fender - seeing as they are pretty hard to come by we decided to build our own version! We started with a Squier strat from gumtree:

Rich bought additional parts from the web - a pearloid scratchplate, new chrome volume knob, ernie ball strings and a new pickup.

We stripped the guitar down and sanded it back to its primer coat, covering most things in the house in a layer of pink dust in the process!

After a few coats of surf green nitrocellulose paint:

Electronics in this were pretty simple - just one volume pot and a single Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge position. Easiest soldering job I've done so far! Sounds pretty good too!

Monday 19 January 2015

Boba Fett scratch build helmet

I decided to make a Boba Fett lid for my good bud Andrew a couple of months ago, but sadly didn't have time to finish it for Christmas. Completed it a few days ago, hopefully he will forgive me! It was made from cardboard using a template readily available online, and then covered with filler and spray painted. I might put up some work in progress pics to show how it developed.

I also made a little LED circuit for the rangefinder.