Monday 2 February 2009

New website

I have recently put the finishing touches to my new css website. After learning quite a lot of css in a uni workshop, I realised how retarded my old website was. I redesigned it, in an attempt to simplify the design and make it a bit easier on the eye. Also, the html validates! Which my old site definitely didn't do. I didn't even consider web standards! I have kept the old html and flash sites available to view, I quite like to keep old junk hanging around the place. At some point I hope to redesign the flash site as well...but I'll need to get Flash before that can happen. Using css makes it a whole lot easier to update the site without tearing my hair out so updates should be fairly regular. I have just finished another uni project, based within illustration. I will aim to put some of the work from that onto the site fairly shortly. More info in the form of a blog entry on that to come!

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